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  • Tampa Educational Article of the Month - How to Get House Mice Out of Your Attic

How to Get House Mice Out of Your Attic

One of the most popular places Tampa house mice normally live while in the house is the attic. They love the safe, warmth and dark nature of attic mostly when they want to make nest of babies. So, most homeowners are battling with the issue of getting house mice out of their attic. You will learn the procedures and steps to follow through the content of this post.

Find Out The Entry Point
If you are convinced that the noise in your attic is being made by Florida house mice, the next thing to do is to get into action. Climb up to the attic and find out the possible means through which mice are getting into the attic. Also, go round your house to check if you can find holes on the walls and fence up to ¼ inch. Finding the possible entry and exit point of Tampa house mice will increase your chance of solving the infestation problem quickly.

Seal Up All The Last Entry Point And Holes Up To ¼ Inch
Now you have found the possible entry points for the Florida mice you have to seal them up. Make sure that all the last entry point you find in the attic, or on the fence or house walls are seated up. The idea is to make sure no other house mice enter your attic while you deal with the ones there already.

Set Snap Or Glue Lethal Trap For The Mice
The next thing for you to do after sealing up the possible entry point to the Tampa house mice is to set your lethal trap or live cage trap. If you want to go by lethal trap you can use glue lethal trap or snap lethal trap. Any of the traps you use all you need is to get rid of the house mice inside the attic completely without them returning again.

Remove The Trapped Mice And Clean Up Your Attic
After trapping the Florida house mice, you have them and embark on thorough cleaning up in the attic. Clean the insulation system and power wash the entire place to ensure no bacteria or virus remain alive there. Clean up house mice droppings and disinfect the entire attic to completely keep the place safe from contamination. These are the method to ensure completely removal of Tampa house mice from your attic.

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