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  • Tampa Educational Article of the Month - What areas can bats enter a house through?

What areas can bats enter a house through?

What areas can bats enter a house through?

The attractive openings for the Florida bats may be found where the boards had been loosened, wrapped or shrunk. Many times the bats may enter in the building using the overhang of the roof with the overlapping drop siding or sheeting. The Tampa bats can be found in the drainpipes, behind the chimneys, in the wall, in the roof, in the crevices, fascia, cornices, roof spaces and ceiling. According to the size of the bats and their species, they can be found in few numbers, in colonies of some hundreds or even in thousands bats at the same time. Most of the time, the bats may not be seen in the attic unless it is during hot summer when they go out to cool themselves. Looking for the droppings can let you know easily that you have the bats around instead of looking for the bats.

When you find the bats running out of the Tampa house or when you find the guano, oil stains or urine stains, you should start to look for the entry points of the bats into your house. The roof vents, ridge gaps and gables are the common places where the bats may enter into your home so it is important to check them before anything else. When you fail to see the evidence that there are bats in these places, then you should examine closely to see the exterior for the damage that can be the entry points for the bats. You may also be on the lookout of the oil which indicates where the bats may be squeezing inside of entry point. Another way that you can know that there are bats in your home, is to take out of the house around the dusk and to watch them while flying out. You need to have some few people to help you so that you can cover the entries into the Florida house. When the bats fly out, it will be easier for you to see where they are coming from and this helps you to narrow the search.

The common points where the bats can enter into the Tampa home are through the ridge caps, gables and roof vents even if there may be other entries for the bats, you need to check these entries and to close them so that the bats may not enter into them. Broken windows or missing bricks may also be the entry points. You can also check the vents or the louvers in the siding since the bats can use them to enter. You have to be too diligent since the Florida bats may use small openings to enter. When you cannot find the entry points, you should put a bright light inside the roosting area or in the attic and go outside to see the signs of the light in the crack or the gaps.

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