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  • Tampa Educational Article of the Month - How to Remove a Wild Animal in the Chimney

How to Remove a Wild Animal in the Chimney

Chimney of the house often proves to be the most important and favorite place for some Tampa animals. If the animals build nests in the chimneys then it is very dangerous because in this way they can block the way of exhaust. Therefore it is very important to remove the animals that have build nests in your chimney. Sometimes the animals also give birth to babies in the nest. This is very dangerous and even more critical because you cannot afford the risk of having left any baby of the animal accidentally in the chimney. In these cases removal of the animals form chimney becomes even more difficult. There are a lot of methods to get the animals out of chimney like trapping the animals by setting various kinds of traps, killing the animals either directly or by applying certain techniques like glue traps. Some people also suggest keeping the Florida animals away by applying the repellents and frightening agents. Still others are of the view of safe removal of the animals by applying the method of exclusion. A detailed overview of some of these notable methods is given as follows:

Removing the animal by exclusion technique
This is best option to remove the Florida animal permanently from the chimney. Carrying out the exclusion technique from the chimney is even easier and more suitable because you do not need to actually perform the sealing operations in the chimney. Normally one way physical exclusion technique is applied in the chimney and the offending animals are easily removed by this method. As the area of chimney is very small, and no special preparations are required as such, therefore the exclusion technique can be very effective and suitable in order to remove animals from chimney. However after completion of exclusion, it is important to seal the opening of chimney to discourage the entry of Tampa animal again.

Removing the animal by applying suitable repellents
Basically the use of repellents is based on the principle that it helps in modification of the behavior of the animals. Therefore the Tampa animals can be discouraged to cause any damage to the chimney. In some cases they are also observed to get away from their habitat and change their homes. A lot of natural and synthetic chemical repellents are available in the market which are helpful in straying away the Florida animals and their removal from chimney becomes possible without making any further efforts.

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